“Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens”- Charles Nelson Reilly

As you stay locked up inside your cosy abodes, and continue to adapt to the ‘work from home’ lifestyle, do you sometimes crave or even fantasize about how your first day back at your office would feel like? Working in your uber cool work stations amidst your colleagues-turned family, finding time for some playful or a banter in between breaks with your work-bestie and a cup of coffee. Don’t we all just love the hustle-bustle of everyday life? Well, we surely do!

The scenario today has evolved from eons back, and women are making their presence felt in every other discipline. Indra Nooyi. Kalpana Chawla. Priyanka Chopra Jonas. These are the names of a few dynamic women who have taken the world by storm, thrived and conquered! We belles are no longer confined to our kitchens; we multitask and hustle all the way. From the boardrooms of corporate headquarters to tickling their patrons’ various sensibilities through their creative fervour, popstar, Beyoncé said (rather sang) it right, “Who run the world? (Girls).”

We all know that not only do women conquer their dreams whilst shackling the patriarchal stereotypes, but they have also been shattering the glass ceilings through their sheer hard work and persistence. And, hey, are we wrong to suggest that they need to do it in style? To all you wonder women, haven’t you faced the dilemma or been inconvenienced by carrying multiple bags during your daily transit? What if we could tell you that there lays quite an easy solution to all your woes? Why carry the excess baggage (pun intended)? Coming straight to the point, laptop bags are the new ‘it’ bags for all you sassy, pioneering and enterprising women.

Astonished by our recommendation? Well, don’t be! A woman donning a classic sling laptop bag epitomises professional soigné.


With the gender gaps blurring, we believe that these traditional messenger laptop bags celebrate something bigger and grander- the acceptance of the fact that women are capable to dream for the stars and have a stupendous ability to accomplish all that they set their minds to. And, who doesn’t love a single carrier, which can literally lift the weight off our shoulders, while safely traversing our daily essentials from one place to another.

A messenger is the traditional case in which we carry our gadgets. With a strap to carry our bag by one shoulder, this occupational sack will never go out of style. Combining elegance and fashion with a professional demeanour, this bag offers a big zipper compartment in which you can safely keep your laptop. Additionally, it may have a couple of extra divisions to keep your other accessories and gadgets. Doesn’t it exemplify functional fashion at its best? Be it your keys or a compact foundation, you know where to store it henceforth! Moreover, in most cases the strap is detachable. Tempted to get one for yourself, expeditiously? Well, to convince you further, read on to understand their benefits.

  • With several segregations, you can keep your life organised to the core. Gone are the days of removing and dumping all your constituents back in haste whilst searching for a particular item.
  • To satiate your fashionista moments, you can carry it as a shoulder bag or a briefcase, sans the strap, or adorn cross body trend with it.
  • You can be assured of ample protection for your laptop in different styles and designs.

A poignant affair, isn’t it?


Imagine strutting around some of the busiest streets of the world, which are buzzing around at all times of the day. While you may be dressed in your finest attire and cascading to work, there’s one thing that will make you stand out- a chic, sophisticated laptop bag.

But before you buy one which screams of ‘you’, you need to keep a few considerations in mind to get a premier product for your money’s worth. Do not fret for we have you sorted in that regard. Read on to know more.

  1. Utility: Always ask yourself this, ‘How will I use it? What all do I need to carry?” If you’re a fuss-free, boisterous person, who likes carrying their entire world with them, this shoulder laptop bag is your best bet.
  2. Size: This obviously connotes to the dimensions of your laptop. We suggest measure the same before you start scouting for your ‘it’ bag. Ideally, don’t go for the extremes, play it safe.
  3. Protection: Need we say more? Your laptop bag should be one, which has enough padding to guard the laptop from the daily jostling or an unlikely event of it being dropped.
  4. Features and Quality: Pretty much goes without saying right? Look for one which suits your personality and requirements the best. Are you someone who loves segregating all the knick knacks, and love the ‘one place fits all’ notion? Well then look no further! Secondly, always remember to go for a top-notch quality product made of sturdy, durable, long-lasting fabric. From the zippers to the straps, thoroughly investigate its efficacy before buying.
  5. Style: Let’s just say ‘good looks, good looks and good looks!’ We’d be lying if we’d postulate, we’re not bothered by how it would look on us.

Choose wisely, for this is not just a bag, but a “carrier of your dreams and success!” Keeping that in mind, our laptop bags have been designed keeping all these characteristics in mind – fashionable and functional!