Want to personalize gifts for couples? We have some ideas!

Want to personalize gifts for couples? We have some ideas!

There’s a certain charm to owning a personalised product, isn’t there? Something special made just for you! Whether it’s a bag, wallet, or even a piece of jewellery, a personalised engraving on it makes one cherish it even more. We feel that way about gifting leather too. A leather bag is already a thoughtful present given the luxe nature, the chic design and the quality of craftsmanship. Adding a touch of personalisation to it, makes the gift all the more memorable.

At eské we offer free personalization on gifts for couples. Over the years, we’ve seen several requests come in, for all sorts of personalization on different kinds of bags and wallets, and we’re sharing a few of our favourite ideas in this blog. Keep reading if you’re looking for suggestions on personalized gifts for couples! 

  • Classic Initials, with a Twist
  • One of our favourite ideas for personalized gifts for couples was a twist on the classic initials being engraved. A group gifted their newly-wed friends a beautiful messenger (for him), and a tote bag (for her). But… They engraved his initials on the tote bag, and hers on the messenger bag. Why? So that each one was always carrying a little part of their significant other along! Adorable, isn’t it? 

  • The Mark of Belonging 
  • You’ve seen His and Hers towels and napkins. Why not something like wallets or laptop bags too? Another idea we loved was engraving ‘His’ and ‘Her’ on a double-set of laptop bags. That way, they both had matching bags, but never mixed them up!

  • The Mash-up of Names
  • Hashtags with a mash-up of couple names reign supreme at all wedding events these days. We saw an innovative use of the mixed-up name on a personalized gift for couples too. A combination of both their initials used to engrave a beautiful gift combo for the couple!

  • The Date to Remember
  • We saved the best for the last! The top idea we saw on personalised gifts for couples, was monogramming the date of their wedding on a beautiful duffle bag gifted to both by their families. They carried it along on their honeymoon, and many subsequent trips, always bringing along a little reminder of their special day!  

    Have any more ideas for personalised gifts for couples! We’d love to know, so write to us on info@eske.in. And you can browse more products for personalised gifts for couples on eské.in