Confession: This pandemic era has had all of us yearning for wanderlust. Amidst nostalgic ponderings of our trips before this harrowing health crisis and fantasies of destinations we’d like to visit once the travel restrictions are eased worldwide, don’t we all miss the Jet-setter’s life? Our guess is a big, resounding ‘Yes’.

While we may get excited for a more hopeful and brighter future, let’s get honest with ourselves. Don’t we all desire to make a style statement, and exude an air of a celebrated personality, who have made “airport looks” famous time and again?

Whether you’re globetrotting for work or pleasure, don’t you dapper men wish to stay organized and stress free? And, perhaps, ironically, that’s a perennial problem with travelling. The more you move, the more items you need to carry along with you. If you’re someone whose job requires you to constantly be ‘on-the go’; across cities or continents, braving various time zones, some essentials will truly save your day.


While it may be a while before you embark on another much awaited travel sojourn to liberate yourselves, is it too early to start preparing for the same. As our travel plans have become diversified over the years, it’s important to stay organized when it comes to storing all our necessities. While media and our modern lifestyles have glorified the art of hustling, and just making it in the nick of time to catch a flight, we do not want to leave an important document or an article behind, right?

To all you men out there, who are almost always inadvertently in charge of ensuring a planned travel, be it with your loved ones or whilst going solo, what according to you are some items that you need to carry along? Yes, most of you may have guessed a mobile phone charger, air-pods or noise cancelling headphones, a long-lasting trolley bag or a neck pillow. While all of it is true, that’s something which truly meets the eye.

With the rise of functional fashion, people have become supremely conscious of their travel accessories in order to merge style with practicality.

Read on to know our curated list of items that you should ideally carry with you the next time you board that much awaited flight.

  1. Passport covers:

passport cover


To have a good wallet while travelling generally goes without saying, but to have an amazing passport cover is a bonus, folks. For isn’t a passport all you really need to get from one place to another? Akin to a book cover, a passport cover warrants that both ends of your passport are tightly secured into its case, thereby acting as a shield against any sort of wear and tear. Moreover, it truly organizes your life as passport covers come equipped with extra pockets, which can also house several debit and credit cards, foreign currency, and other important travel documents that you may need upon arrival, thereby providing easy access for the same.


Lastly, it even provides additional security by camouflaging with the rest of your belongings. Furthermore, the Radio-frequency identification blockers (RFID) present in this travel accessory deters personal information from going into wrong hands. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, it goes without saying that a passport cover can make for an elegant style statement.


  1. Travel Notepad:

travel notepad

Ibn Battuta once quoted, “Traveling-it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” And, we couldn’t agree more! Ask an 80’s or 90’s kid how they were taught to document their expeditions and most of them would nonchalantly agree that writing or journaling was the way to go. From soul-searching outings to discovering one’s life purpose on a solo trip, to being responsible for their families’ travel convenience, the magnanimous men in everyone’s lives try to guarantee a memorable time for all of us by helming the planner’s role with élan. These notepads enable them to jot down a rough itinerary or a to-do list apart from some of their travel chronicles.

Furthermore, as they tend to globetrot for business purposes, a travel notepad comes in very handy as they may charter out a proposal, presentation or a plan of action that could alleviate their careers to new heights, and much more.


  1. Choice of Bags:

Trolley Bags

trolley bag


Coupled with our innate sense of ‘fernweh’, travel accessories for men have evolved tremendously over the last few years to provide a wide variety of options to suit their needs. Depending on your purpose of travel, you can smartly choose a bag. While you may go for the classic trolley bag or a suitcase for a longer outing, is it always convenient?


Duffle Bags

duffle bag


Made famous as the quintessential ‘gym bags’ in the last decade, duffel bags are an ideal option if you intend to indulge in a quick getaway or a short stay.

Like a trolley bag, its various compartments will surely entice your orderly vein. The latest designs tend to be extremely durable, created to weather extreme conditions, and the addition of wheels can give your shoulders a rest whilst you cascade it around.

Next, retaining its ‘old is gold’ quality, the sturdy trolley bags seem to possess the monopoly when it comes to picking the revered travel accessory for men. Most secure and organized, these spacious bags truly make it possible to pick up your ‘world’ and carry it around on your escapades. It’s rectangular shape and firm sides allow you to use it to its full-capacity whilst preventing any damage. After all, over packing isn’t a misnomer, right? Additionally, a wheeled suitcase easily glides through most surfaces, with a hard case withstanding most wear and tear, thereby making it extremely durable. What’s more is that the latest trolley bags are waterproof, thereby providing increased protection to your belongings.


Messenger Bags


messenger bag


Messenger bags too have earned its place. An especially popular travel accessory for men to carry on their business trips, these courier sacks not only boast of suave finesse, but also look splendidly professional. Its countless dividers can help you sort and arrange your paramount documents effortlessly. Their long-lasting and vigorous buckles, fasteners and zips along with a thick internal padding form a protective shield around your laptop and other contents. Advancements in their structures are continuously made to prevent any discomfort or injuries.


  1. Subsidiary travel accessories:


luggage tag


Like a cherry on top of a scrumptious cake, minute items truly make a difference. A luggage tag not only screams of panache, but it can avert major losses of belongings. Present in different colours and sizes, these sleek identifiers can be customised to depict your personality brilliantly. Apart from these travel accessories for men, there are several options of various pouches to further fine-tune and marshal your travel plans.

Tempted to jump onto this bandwagon, and get ready to fulfil this aching desire to explore? Well, all you’ve got to do is head over to our website, and get spoilt for choice for some envious travel accessories made of rich, fine leather, and prepare for yet another life-changing adventure waiting to be unravelled.