Why Tote Bags for Women are their Go-To Accessory in Today’s Times?

Why Tote Bags for Women are their Go-To Accessory in Today’s Times? - Eske Paris


‘Tote’lly Amazing: Why Tote Bags for Women are their Go-To Accessory in Today’s Times?”


“Table for 3. You, me and my bag.”

Word, isn’t it? Imagine going on a date or a night out to revel with your besties after a busy day at work? What’s that distinctivestyle statement that makes all the difference? Yes, a ravishing outfit is definitely a given! But, hey, let’s not forget the handbag that adds character and some ‘le personnage’, uplifting your entire look.

To all you fashion-savvy enthusiasts; what’s that one ‘must have’ you need to carry around? For starters, don’t we often need our so-called essential millennial ‘bric a brac’ wherever we go? Now, now! We’ve all binged on coming of age dramas such as ‘Emily in Paris’ and ‘The Bold Type’, when we were locked inside our houses donning snug, cosy pyjamas, whilst scouting for various Netflix shows to watch. Didn’t we just drool over their accessories? A true bag lover will completely understand our manifold obsession with the ‘larger than life’ tote bags for women that these fashionistas cascaded around in the cities meant for the stars, aka, Paris and New York!

The laid-back life is long gone, and it’s time to up our game, letting go of our limbo. And, no extra points for contemplating about your best friend that will help you hustle through it all- a classic, yet debonair tote.

What makes the tote a wardrobe essential?

Decades ago, when capsule wardrobes garnered a stupendous uproar in its favour, functional handbags became the norm. The iconic designer Coco Chanel totally changed the game bypromoting the eye-catching tote. Showcasing beauty with a purpose, it surely surpasses its claim!

Practical. Spacious. Comfortable. Edgy. And, perhaps, spot on! The ‘It’ marvel for the modern woman, tote bags are effervescently versatile, and come in different shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Epitomising the ‘many in spirit, one in body’ sentiment, these handbags can transcend its utility from a day time ditsy vibe to a chic, evening soiree, simultaneously. Magical, right?

Going down memory lane, tote bags for women found its place in fashion history by the turn of the 20th century as a minimalistic emblem of fashion and grace. Stalwarts like Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker, made us vie for this prized possession.

The beautiful silhouette, multiple pockets and compartments made of durable materials makes it an ideal choice to haul our entire lives effortlessly on our shoulders. Traversing amongst several fabrics and styles, they can redefine casual chic. Luxury is being revamped, and we’re not complaining.

Totes bags for women - a surreal winner, thanks to its multi-purpose attribute, read on to know it’s a favourite.

  1. Travel friendly: Hello, airport looks! Meant for all the travel junkies, totes are a cool add on, which stores a variety of things needed for long-distance journeys. A book, an eye mask, lotions or night creams, just toss it all in!
  2. Work-a-day: Whether you’re a corporate honcho, a creative writer or a fostering teacher, totes are our saviours. Made to size, we can fit our laptops and gadgets, our files or marksheets with complete ease and segregate them as per our necessity. An exuberant container of our thoughts (pun intended), who knew our careers could look so fancy?
  3. Mom knows it all: Our living, breathing life manual, mums literally take care of our smallest needs and wants. Right from carrying knick knacks for their babies, young and old, her handbag may just save our day and help conquer our dreams; metaphorically carrying all the load. Also, you know where the vault with the money lies when you hit the mall or the spa for a mother-daughter fiesta.
  4. Fitness first: Motivated to attend “Gym. Class. Today?” Screaming of élan yet athleisure, you can run to the gym or your yoga class in comfort with a sturdy tote in tow.
  5. Picnic worthy: Imagine lazing on the lush green grass or sunbathing on a beach in your summer casuals amidst ahuge storehouse of your day-out necessities! Insta-worthy much?
  6. Slumber sixteen vibe: Revisiting your high-school days by staying in at a friend’s for the night?Fortunately, your tote is your travel pack for the night, housing your night wear and toiletries.
  7. Emergency 101: Do you have guests visiting or a lack of space to hoard outfits from last season? Or, do you simply need to run to the grocery store? Luckily for you, this wonder will be your saviour.

At the risk of sounding corny, can we just say that these purses are ‘totes’ perfect! Time to make room for your LBT- a large Black Tote (choose your colour wisely), what say ladies?