These Are a Few of Our Favourite... luggage pieces!

These Are a Few of Our Favourite... luggage pieces!

As winter begins to set in and the holiday season rolls around, there is another exciting thought that we can’t seem to shake off - it’s vacay time! From lazing on the sandy shores of Maldives, to dune-bashing in Dubai; from sipping cocktails in Goa to reveling in the Christmas cheer of New York City - we’re busy planning all the holidays we want to take. If you’re anything like us and have several trips planned for your winter break, this article is for you! We’ve put together a list of our favourite luggage pieces that we bring with us on all our sojourns, and we thought it might help you too. Keep reading! 

Leather Duffle Bags

A classy, sophisticated leather duffle bag is a big favourite in the eské family. It’s compact enough to carry easily, but also with enough room to fit all the essentials. It’s also easy to bring aboard the flight or heave along as you walk through cities. Our duffle bags are designed to be spacious enough to suit every kind of traveller. Whether someone who overpacks, or the one who brings their work along on every holiday, our leather duffle bags can fit it all! What’s more, we have enough compartments to fit the little knick-knacks you’ll collect, and even a strap on the back that makes it extremely convenient to slip onto your trolley bag. 

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Passport Case

Always worried you’ll leave your passport lying around? Sounds familiar to us! That’s why we prefer bringing along a leather passport case to keep all the documents handy, and in one place. Our passport cases are handcrafted with 100% genuine leather, and are made in beautiful designs, so they always complement your travel outfits too! You can check out our entire collection of travel accessories on eské.in.

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A Roomy Carry-On

Another must-have on our travels, is a convenient piece of carry-on luggage. Once you’ve boarded the flight and taken your seats, you don’t want to be scrambling around in your luggage for small essentials like the hand sanitizer, or the book you want to read.  We recommend having a bag that’s not too large, but still has enough space to cart along the basics. We’ve got some beautiful leather tote bags for women, and leather messenger bags for men that make for the perfect carry-on pieces. 

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Travel Pouches

And lastly, to avoid things from getting mixed up inside the carry-on, we ensure we always have a small travel pouch too. From keys, phone chargers, to skincare items, these leather travel pouches make it so much easier to organize and find what you need at any moment! 

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Make sure you’re prepared with these essential pieces of luggage before you start jet-setting around the world this winter! If you want to shop for or explore more travel products, head over to eské.in