The Rise of the Laptop Bag - It’s not just a men's accessory anymore

The Rise of the Laptop Bag -  It’s not just a men's accessory anymore

For several years, fashion magazines and corporate style guides had quietly assumed that laptop bags were an ideal accessory for men. Women, mostly, ended up stuffing their laptops into oversized handbags or totes, leaving them little room for anything else in the bag. So, who decides who gets to carry the more functional accessory?

Well, it’s a good thing that we won’t have to wonder about that anymore. Because it’s safe to say that we’re now in an age where the laptop bag is reclaiming its rightful place as the versatile accessory suited to all. 

Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon to see laptop bags in only the basic black or leather briefcases with designated compartments for electronics. The designs were functional, but not very inspiring - and most women would choose style over convenience. But today, the world of fashion is changing. Laptop bags are being designed in a way that appeals to everyone. From beautiful colours, interesting textures, eye-catching accents to impeccable designs, laptop bags are all the rage right now - with every style-savvy individual. 

At Eské we have a whole range of laptop bags for women that have received rave reviews. But what’s more, our designs are gender-neutral and can be carried by everyone. Whether you’re heading back to the office, or want to carry your laptop along for a client meeting at a cafe, we have a variety of styles that would suit your taste.

To help you choose, we’ve rounded up some of our bestsellers. Take your pick from the pool and redefine your working style with Eské! 

The Elise 

Nothing says dignified and determined like the Elise laptop bag. Of our entire range of laptop bags, women tend to love this one the most!

The William

A classic design if there ever was one, the William is one of our signature styles. You can’t go wrong with a simple yet elegant design that’s sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it. 

The Roma

Made with the intricate weaving technique, it’s leather craftsmanship at its best. Inside, you’ll find plenty of room for your laptop, journal, wallet and any other essentials you may want to carry along as you’re out conquering the corporate world. 

The Daxos

Charming, playful and a whole lot of fun - it’s the laptop bag with a personality of its own. Carry it to work, or double it up as an overnight carry-on, this sleek and stylish design will have heads turning wherever you go. 

Looking for more? Explore our entire collection of laptop bags for women and men on eské.in!