The Perfect Bag for your Mom According to her Personality!

The Perfect Bag for your Mom According to her Personality! - Eske Paris

Mom. What does this word make you think? Do you think of someone who embodies femininity, yet is the strongest of all? Who ages gracefully and yet is the youngest at heart? She is the first one who comes to your mind when you think of the kindest heart and selfless love. She’s the one who has it all together at all times.

We have the perfect bag for your mom to match her personality!

The Multi-tasking Mom

The Vesta Bag is an ode to the multi-tasking mom who loves to have everything in her bag yet stay hands-free. The one who exceptionally manages work and home all very smoothly with a vibrant smile on her face. The one who plays multiple roles as a woman, taking on challenges and coming out even stronger, filling in many shoes.  She juggles a lot in her life and the Vesta Tote fits just about everything she needs to help accomplish her goals.

The Fashionista Mom

Ever wondered where you got all your style inspiration from before Pinterest and Instagram? It’s time to go back to your childhood when you would observe you mother while she got ready. You get every bit of your style from her. The way she carries herself, her attitude and most importantly, how she carries her bags. Our Melba Shoulder Bag is for the fashionista in your mother whose style you have followed all throughout these years. Uber stylish and sophisticated, she turns heads in every room she enters!

The Boss Mom

She is a Rockstar at home and at the office! To the mom who’s always pushing you even when you wanted to give up. The go-getter attitude that you have today, is all because of that constant push your mom gave you so that you can be an all-rounder and never face any setbacks. The one who picked you up even when you didn’t feel like getting up. The Piquer Tote is an ode to the Boss mom as it takes her from the desk to dinner and enables her to be unpredictable. She never knows what the day might bring and this bag prepares her for anything with all her must-haves in one bag!

The Adventurous Mom

Grew up with lots of fond memories of picnics and visits to beaches and parks? This mom is an outdoorsy mom who loves to travel and share fun, unforgettable experiences with her family. She is the one who sat beside you when you went on your first scary roller coaster ride! She is free-spirited and always making exciting plans to spend time together. The Nabilo Saddle crossbody is perfect for her adventures! Less is more, ‘fun’-ctional, and subtle yet bold is her style! 

Have your picked the perfect bag for Mother’s Day yet?

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