The Duffle Bag - A classic travel accessory, making waves once more.

The Duffle Bag - A classic travel accessory, making waves once more.

Well-worn travel enthusiasts must already be familiar with the chic accessory that is the duffle bag. A stylish alternative to larger luggage, this compact and convenient travel bag also acts as a sophisticated add-on to your travel outfit. 

What was first designed in the 17th century using tightly woven cloth and ropes, has rapidly evolved in fashion circles to become one of the most popular pieces of luggage in today’s time. At eské we have been designing leather duffle bags from the beginning for the discerning and stylish traveller. And now it’s lovely to see how they’re quickly coming back in style and becoming the go-to choice for all those headed on a short holiday. 

If you are looking for a modern piece of luggage to add to your weekender and overnight bag collections, our leather duffle bag collection is one you must explore. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites to help every type of traveller choose their preferred partner. 

Earl Duffle Bag - for the busy business traveller

This is a style you simply cannot go wrong with. A clean leather texture combined with the classic black, here’s a bag that will make you stand out in every crowd. It has simple silver accents, internal compartments and is designed with plenty of space to accommodate all your carry-on essentials. 

Radley Duffle Bag - for the fashion-conscious globetrotter 

If black’s not the colour for you, the Radley bag is our next bet. A beautiful tan that complements every outfit, this bag will be the only accessory you need at the airport. Pair it with chinos, closed footwear and a smart-button down to breeze through transit with all eyes on you. The bag has enough room to pack for a weekend getaway including a few extra outfit changes!

Rayan Duffle Bag - for the exploring adventurer

Need a bag that can weather your adventures? The Rayan is the perfect leather duffle bag for you! The clean design and striking colour combination will ensure you never lose sight of your luggage, and the high quality leather will ensure this bag stays with you for a long, long time!

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