Whilst we are getting ready to beat the scorching summer heat, isn’t this the perfect time to invest in a pair (or two) of chic, yet comfortable footwear to strut around town in? Although our definition of the dailyroutine has changed in the recent times, it does not hurt to indulge in a fashionable pair of women’s leather sandals.

Exuberant in feel and style, fine leather simply uplifts your persona, captivating the beholder’s eyes to your lovely pair of shoes. Fitting seamlessly on your feet, they are customised in such a manner that they can be worn for a longer duration without causing excessive discomfort. From the halls of airport lounges to a for a grocery run; from ditching your high heels effortlessly at a dinner date or a dance party, women’s leather sandals have emerged as the new go-to footwear to own according to fashion experts.

Following the ‘old is new’ ethos, several designs from the yesteryears are being stupendously re-vamped to amalgamate the past with the present. Consequently, off the runways and fashion weeks too, we’re getting to witness more functional fashion coming to the fore as patrons are preferring cosiness over couture these days. Now, whether you’re a minimalist or not, the numerous trendsetting designs are soon becoming a favourite amongst all age groups. Be it a padded leather insole sling-backs leaving its mark on the streets of Rome or sleek flip-flops to accentuate your summery, dainty look, this perspective towards these changing trends is quite refreshing, isn’t it?


Truly spoilt by some amazing choices, it’s reasonable to feel overwhelmed and confused; wanting to go on a shopping spree to satiate your footwear fetish. Yes, an easy slip on shoe or a more arduous, but alluringly stylish tie-up heel may tickle your aesthetic fervour resoundingly, making countless heads turn as you walk by.

With an aim to impart some stellar tips, read on to know some of the much in vogue designs that should be on your ‘must have’ list this season.

  1. Flats: The most popular choice for the youth, this highly versatile pair is incredibly snug and light-weight to walk around in. Known for possessing very thin soles, aren’t they totally apt to flaunt around as a part of your everyday essential or long outings? Supporting you through your flirtatious rendezvous or simply blending in on a relaxing trip to the beach, these sandals are perfect for all weather conditions. As is said ‘variety is the spice of life’, and so is it with our footwear.



  1. Ballerinas:Catering to the contemporary boss woman of today’s times, who multitasks brilliantly, these closed-toe pumps that were inspired by the graceful dance form of ballet, make for a magnificent support system, cheering you on while you slay that supremely important client presentation. Replete with a thin sole and a sturdy finish, they are extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day, without putting immense strain on your feet. Gravitating towards androgynous fashion, whilst retaining a delicate feminine touch, add some sparkle and they can become your perfect party-wear ‘dance the night away’




  1. Peep Toe Sandals: Sassy. Drool-worthy. These adjectives best describe these charmers! Easy on our feet, these semi-open toed women’s leather sandals showcase the evolution of fashion beautifully. Adapted from the classic ballerinas, these sandals allow your toes to breathe. According to us, they nonchalantly blend in with any of your outfits meant for numerous occasions. Be it a casual or a formal avatar that you are donning, they look stunning with all your clothing. As an afterthought, who wouldn’t like to show-off their perfect pedicure?


  1. Platform Flip Flops: A minimalist’s favourite, these sandals are your most revered long-standing companions. Extremely firm and resolute, their thick soles make them your go-to choice for a long walk, perhaps while exploring a new city on one of your travel sojourns. For all our fitness enthusiasts, the number of steps you’ll rake in a day with ease in these marvels cannot even be fathomed. A ‘capsule wardrobe’ essential, their classic twin thick straps add a rustic, vintage charm setting some unconventional fashion goals. It genuinely makes for a convenient everyday choice.



  1. Moccassins: It’s time to make room for gender-neutral fashion!Another closed-toe option, unlike the ballerina’s they’re meant for a more laid-back, casual, bohemian outing. These understated shoes infuse an unbridled energy, thereby elevating your entire persona. According to us, they pay a glorious homage to the fierce, courageous and independent women of today, while paying heed to their grace, elegance and poise.

  1. Heely Adventure: Whether you’re adorning your easy-breezy comfort-inducing wedges or slightly defining mid-sized block heels, you can easily go pain-free for your day out in the scintillating sun. Imagine enjoying a picturesque picnic with your loved one in a breath-taking locale while putting your best foot forward! In another stead, traversing through ceremonious soiree’s with an elaborate air of adulating sophistication, your stilettos do much more than adding a few inches to your frame.



Despite your preferences and tastes, when it comes to footwear, doesn’t leather simply add a glint of class and opulence, while being relatable and affordable at the same time? It truly creates a harmonious symphony, thereby making it a splendid, bewitching rage in today’s times.