Slay it with Sling Bags - Styling suggestions and best buys from eské!

Slay it with Sling Bags - Styling suggestions and best buys from eské!

We have travelled far and wide in search of inspiration for our bag designs. From New York to Paris, from Tokyo to Johannesburg - every city seems to have it’s own distinct form of fashion. And yet, one thing we’ve noticed over and over again, no matter where we go, that some silhouettes remain quintessential classics. The sturdy tote bag is surely one of them, but there’s another surprising player in the mix - shoulder sling bags for ladies! 

Taking a cue from the fashionistas all over the globe, we rounded up our favourite sling bags for ladies to help you choose one that suits your style. Keep reading! 

The Can’t-Go-Wrong Choice

Have you seen our Lucie shoulder bag? The beautifully textured finish and its bright blue hue are mesmerizing. We took a poll - and this was one of the most ‘favourite’ sling bags for ladies among our customers when they were looking for something stylish that could be easily paired with both a day look as well as an elegant evening outfit. 

A Hint of Bling

Our range of Melba sling bags for ladies is one of the most beloved collections at the eské offices. It’s fun and flirty when you want it to be, but can also quickly transform into the belle of the ball when paired with the right outfit. We recommend the black Melba shoulder sling bag for ladies for a black tie event, the grey one to pair with sarees at weddings and the blush Melba shoulder sling bag when you’re heading out for a romantic date! 

Say It With Flowers

Who’s stopping a girl from buying flowers for herself? Especially when they look this good! Our Nabilo Clutch Shoulder Bag is the perfect gift to buy yourself - whether it's a birthday, a big promotion or even when you’re just feeling in the mood for a treat! We love pairing this bag with pastel day-dresses, or even a classic white-tee-and-jeans look for a pop of colour. 

Still having trouble deciding? We have plenty more options for you to choose beautiful sling bags for ladies on eské.in