MEN’S WALLETS: 5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Wallet

MEN’S WALLETS: 5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Wallet - Eske Paris

You decide to go out on a nice dinner date, and when it's time to pay, you pull out your wallet. While you may have made a great impression over the meal, your wallet can make or break your image! Men's leather wallets can make a strong fashion statement. A damaged wallet, obviously, does not reflect favourably on you. Similarly, an overflowing one also does not. How does one choose a good wallet?


Tip 1: Choose one that is appropriate


Start with this question – what exactly is going to go in the wallet? Do you carry a lot of cards – then you need more cards flaps. Or do you need more sections for cash? Once you’ve locked in on that, you can decide the style you want.Men's walletsshould complement your personal style as well as your way of life. Look for features like better-compartmentalized wallets with enough slots for your cards if you carry a lot of cards. You can also choose traveler wallets if you are a frequent traveler. This style has a zipper and a passport slot for your convenience.


Tip 2: Invest in Durability


If you want a wallet that will last a long time, you should always go with a high-quality wallet.Eske wallets are made of premium leather and handcrafted to perfection! We use the finest quality of vegetable tanned leather which means your product will last longer, the leather will remain sturdy with no fear of tear or fraying. We offer lifetime warranty on our products!



Tip 3: Opt for Sleek design


There are many different sorts of wallets available, but slim wallets for men are particularly popular. They're easy to carry and look a lot nicer than a bulky wallet. So, instead of those bulky, hefty wallets, check out our slim and compact designs.



Tip 4: Security

With data theft on the rise, it is of utmost importance to keep your sensitive information, especially your card details secure. We understand this. Which is why all out wallets come with RFID protection so that your personal information is always secure.



Tip 5: Multiple Wallets for different Purposes


If you're a member of the corporate management team, a plain black or brown wallet should suffice. However, if you're a creative type, there are unique wallets for men as well. However, the bottom idea is to go for something modest and sophisticated rather than overdoing it. You can also have 2 wallets – one which is regular everyday wear and one for special occasions.



Choose from our wide variety of sleep and sophisticated wallets.