Every eské Premium Leather Bag Has a Personality. Which One Will You Choose?

 eské Premium Leather Bag

Have you ever gone shopping, and resonated with one bag just a little more than the other? Has it ever happened that one style seems a lot more suited to you than the rest? Have you picked a bag because you felt like it has a personality that matches your own? We get that. Because at eské we believe that every premium leather bag has a personality and here are a few of our favourites!

Her silence is intriguing, her presence so subtle. She doesn’t want your attention, but you can hardly help yourself from looking. She is

Laidback, but likes to get things done. He’s that person at the party who’s the entertainer while also being at his top game at work. He’s loved for his charm and let’s be honest - he is pretty darn charming. He is

She’s unapologetic and unafraid to speak her mind. She knows her wrongs, and she celebrates her rights. You can tell, she likes herself. And you grow to like her too. She is

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Composed, confident and classic, she carries herself effortlessly. A person who is as elegant at a fine-dine, as she is at a khao gully. She is Sophie

She's that one who plans her own birthday surprises to make sure everything's exactly how she wants it. She owns her extra and manages to make people adore her for it. She is

Caring, kind and mindful - the anchor of every friend group. You can count on her to have a solution to every problem. She is

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