While the debonair woman of today needs to satiate her craze for flaunting her à la mode handbags, there’s one element that she needs more. And, that’s a chic, statement wallet purse! Whether she’s running errands at the grocery store or chasing her dreams professionally, this small wonder will testify as her best friend.

Whether you choose to house it in your larger totes, or carry it around with panache as a charming clutch, these wallet purses perfectly carry all the “essentials” that you’d require.With consumers becoming more practical and functional in their styling habits, several accessory trends are undergoing transformative changes. Moreover, with the recent happenings globally, women too are adopting a ‘less is more’, minimalistic approach.

An important requisite of an eminent, de-cluttering method called “capsule wardrobe” made famous by the high-spirited fashion icon, Coco Chanel, further put these multifaceted wallets into the limelight. These sleek and tiny purses have several compartments, which stores our multiple credit cards, cash and ID’s with ease. Moreover, with the world becoming increasingly digitized thanks to payment platforms like Google Pay, cashless payments are totally going to become the new fascination. Ask a millennial about their preference, and we bet they’ll opt for comfort and convenience first.


Taking pride in being called connoisseursin this enchanting world of bags and accessories, we’d like to share a few tips with our readers to help them select voguish, yet classy and practical picks, which will help them get through their daily lives effortlessly, sans stress. Read on and invest wisely.

  1. Trifold: A more evolved woman’s wallet purse would fold into three sections with several compartments to hold everything from your bills to multiple cards and identity documents.Furthermore, if you’re skilfully lucky, you may be able to fit in a key too.


  1. Accordian: For all our organized fanatics, you can look up to this melodious instrument for some inspiration, which divides their strummed musical notes. Similarly, are you ready to segregate your documents accordingly?

  1. Cardholder: Does this aspect even need a mention? According to us, the very definition of a wallet is its supremely integral card holder. An incredibly slim slot in a bigger, sturdier wallet, you can decide which swipe card to put where. Presently, you may also avail of pouches which are dainty and hold all your cards together.

  1. Wrap around zip: We cannot emphasize enough on how mandatory a well-functioning zipper is to a wallet. Equating to a yin-yang phenomenon, does a contemporary wallet even survive without it? Furthermore, don’t we often convince ourselves into stuffing a bit more of our lives in it?

  1. Concealed pockets:The need of the hour!From the fear of being robbed or even dropping a card or some cash somewhere whilst in a hurry, you can be confident in moving about freely without any worries. Additionally, irrespective of being a traveller or a local, doesn’t this give you an ah-mazing opportunity of being less clumsy and more sophisticated while handling your coins, notes and bills? Immaculate grooming for the win, always!

  1. Smartphone pocket: Our guess is that you’re already convinced simply by reading these two glorious words! Probably the most resounding catch, doesn’t a smartphone holder in a wallet scream of ‘mode pratique’ at its best?

  1. Strap-holder: With a mini- provision at either side, you can simply attach a pre-ordered D-I-Y strap, and transfigure your wallet into an eye-catching sling or a cross-body bag? Who’s feeling a tad bit like a blogger now?

To lure you more towards these cutesy charmers, we’re going to impart some styling tips from our content creator diaries. To maintain our sanctity of producing affordable, yet luxurious fashion, these clutch purses, without a doubt, serves everyone’s aesthetic sensibilities. At Eske Paris, we give you just that and more!

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