Leather has existed since time immemorial. There has always been an old world charm attached to it. With use and time, leather has evolved beautifully in terms of texture and colour. And while it’s a human instinct to touch and smell a piece of leather and instantly appreciate its finesse, we often ignore how, like us humans, every swatch of leather is starkly different from the other. Its texture and make has the capability to transport you from the couch in your living room to the woody wine cellars in Italy.

This season, before our Spring Summer ‘18 collection launch, we played a little game of the senses with our editorial team. Think five leather swatches, three senses, a group of 15 people and a myriad of answers. While we were right in expecting every answer to be different, we were wrong in underestimating the power of our senses and the brilliance of our editorial team. The verdict was as follows:

Leather - cosmos - vintage - rich - luxury

Cosmos is a vintage style hide which has an antique finish. Exquisitely rich looking and luxurious.

Touch test: Almost everyone imagines lounging on a plush leather couch, with the feel the small grains on this leather gave. Smooth, sexy and comfortable.

Sight test: Shiny, reflective, hard wearing and one of its kind. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Smell test: You know how it feels when you’re walking in the woods and take a deep breath only to be caressed by the smell of pine and timber? Fresh and cleansing. A smell which refreshes the soul.


Rose Python
Python - leather - embossed - durable - luxury

Python embossed skin is beautiful lending itself to diverse applications. Long valued for its elegance and durability, this hide is lightweight and presents a diverse array of style and colors.

Touch test: A gentle touch of this hide elicits a scaly, pleasant, comfortable and exotic feel.

Sight test: This hide reminds you of a person who is edgy, ostentatious, modern and on top of her game.

Smell test: Rose Python reminds you of cozy date nights, where shy glances turn into giggles and a subtle scent of musk lingers on.   


Shiny VT
Vegetable tanned - leather - luxury - shiny - reflective

Shiny VT has a smooth, slick, stiff surface and is light brown in color until dyed. The shiny reflective look is achieved with the leather dyed with a glossy finish.

Touch test: A simple stroke of this leather summons an emotion of firmness and tailor-made luxury.

Sight test: A single glance at it shows how shiny, reflective, grainy and structured it is.

Smell test: Shiny VT takes you to a cozy corner of your library where you open and reread the favourite pages of an old book. The smell of those amber pages. Bliss!


Vegetable tanned - leather - tanning - luxury

Caribbean is a vegetable tanned leather whose grains are intact and has a slightly brownish tinge. Tanning of this type is an old-world, artisanal process that takes advantage from the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species.

Touch test: Feels familiar, warm, resistant and the right amount of grainy – like your feathered friend.

Sight test: A hide which looks exorbitant, holds up against pressure and is multifunctional.

Smell test: Much like it’s riveting name, the leather hide reminds you of the aroma of freshly cut grass on a relaxing vacation.


Bahamas - leather - luxury - strength - lustre

Bahamas leather is a full grained, durable and sturdy one. As the grain surface is left intact before applying the surface coating, the leather has more fibre strength, durability and as it ages, it develops more lustre and shine.


Touch test: Mild texture, flowy and plush are the kind of vibes associated with the Bahamas leather.

Sight test: The leather has a masculine look and energy to it, instantly making one think about a cigar, scotch, and a vintage couch.

Smell test: The Bahamas takes you to a speakeasy with a smoky wooden bar counter and a bartender with a familiar face serving you the best whiskey sours in town.