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Eské - Sanne City Handbag

Eské Sanne City Handbag

Swiping her membership ID, Ayesha brushed past the turnstile. Pairing a peach dress with wedges, her Sanne handbag beside her. A spring in her step as Ayesha made her way into the clubhouse for she had booked herself an essential oil spa, one that she had been looking forward to all week!

Feeling refreshed but also famished, Ayesha made her way to the clubhouse cafe. Seating herself by the corner seat blessed with the most sunlight and a view of the pool, she reached into her Sanne for her issue of the New Yorker. Calling for a pesto whole grain sandwich and some fresh melon juice, she got cozy in her seat. This Valentine’s day, she wasn’t going to worry about finding love or hoping for it to come around, rather do what made her most happy. Delicately dabbing a napkin on her lips, Ayesha wiped away the crumbs, the only remains of her sandwich. She could sit here all day and leisurely read, catch a movie, meet up with her friends later at night or laze around at home with her Labrador – Oh the possibilities were endless!

Regardless of what she chose to do for the rest of her day, Ayesha knew one thing for sure. She was celebrating Valentines right!

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