Ernesia Boston Handbag / Shirley’s Airport Trail

Eské - Ernesia Boston Handbag

Eské Ernesia Boston Handbag

The blast of air conditioner that blew Shirley’s hair as she stepped into Madeira’s international airport was a reminder that her vacation was over. Leaving the colours behind it was time to get back into the black & white world of the law college.

She pulled out her passport and tickets from her Ernesia and walked to clear security. An ad for a mud spa at the airport reminded her of the Portuguese sun she had spent all week basking in.Tan. However, airport shopping was on the list too. A quick stroll through duty free, she picked up sour candies her father enjoyed and a bottle of perfume for her mother. Glancing at the flight schedule board she noticed that her flight was delayed by a few hours.

A cheeky grin lit up her face, as she knew she now had the time to enjoy the mud spa, devour a nutritious meal and place her next literary adventure in her Ernesia.

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A loose tee shirt with a pair of joggers looks apt for a comfortable airport look.
Complete your look with a pair of sneakers and your Ernesia Boston Handbag