Eriene Backpack / Pearl Explores Budapest

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Eské Eriene Backpack

The squeak of her sneakers against the cobblestone felt exquisite. Encouraging the explorer within, Pearl had embarked on a solo trip across Europe and was currently in Budapest.

With her aviators firm across her face, donning a grey and white striped jumpsuit with her hair tied back, she was as comfortable as one could be. Reaching for a map from her Eriene, Pearl navigated through the streets of Budapest. Her first stop was Buda Castle. It’s sheer size alone took her breath away as her appreciation for medieval architecture only spiked. She then visited the Fisherman’s Bastion, that overlooked the Danube river. Marvellous. She covered the nearby churches, basilicas and other such monuments. A few Instagram worthy pictures later, Pearl tried the famous Goulisu at a local cafe. She thanked the waiter for the wholesome meal as she headed to the local markets. Going all out, Pearl picked up antiques, some ethnic embroidery, a new age card game and a miniature falcon ornament.

She placed the ornament carefully into her Eriene, a souvenir she was sure her mother would adore. Pearl hadn’t realized how the time flew by. As the sun began to set, she leaned into the back of her taxi, smiling.

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A loose white tee or strapped tee with ripped loose denims looks apt for a day look
Pair it up with a kimono and your Eriene Backpack on the shoulder