Enzo Magnetic Money Clip / Ronald On The Trading Floor

Eské-Enzo Magnetic Money Clip

Eské Enzo Magnetic Money Clip

There was no time to blink. Being a stockbroker wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The numbers and how they rampantly blinked away, were either beautiful or migrant inducing. The sound and energy inside an active trading floor was contagious.

The rush that came with every buy and every sell, every gain and every loss was phenomenal. Ronald lived for this. The release of an IPO was a big moment in every stock brokers life. This was his. Seeing the numbers surge, Ronald waved his Enzo as was a tradition on the trading floor as his fellow brokers cheered. Quickly stepping out for lunch with a colleague, they headed to a local diner, where Ronald hurriedly ordered a tenderloin burger with a Caesars salad. Digging into the juicy burger, with his grey tie swung behind his shoulder, he ensured not a drop of the various sauces fell onto his crisp white shirt. Picking up a black coffee to go as his colleague bit into cinnabon, he pulled out money from his En to pay the cashier as they hurried back to the exchange.

Clocking in his final trade as the clock struck 16:30, the deafening silence that followed was something Ronald always found intriguing as he walked out of the Stock Exchange.

From The Stylist

An indigo blazer with a white shirt and grey pants looks debonair.
Team it up with a pair of black leather shoes and your Enzo Magnetic Money Clip.