Agata Hobo Bag / Ankita Brings Alive A Set


Eské Agata Hobo Bag

Putting on her yellow-rimmed glasses, Ankita’s vision shifted into focus as she reached for a cigarette. Gotta quit she said to herself as she sparked her lighter to life. A production designer, she loved how each project came with its own personality and challenges. Tucked into the backseat of a cab, thankful for the smooth roads, she sketched away. “This is luxury,” she thought to herself.

The human capacity to transform something into emotion! Reaching into her Agata for her wallet, Ankita paid the driver as she plugged in her treasured iPod. Her Warren Zevon albums were on loop. Audible coffee. As she walked into her set, she wished there was a process to channel creativity, at the very same time, she was ever so grateful there wasn’t one. The rush that it brought with was worth it. As she mapped out the set of the music video she was working on, she had been debating the final camera angles along with the color of suits to be worn. To see a set come to life was a feeling like none other. The synergy of graphics, props, camera angles, the perfect lighting and variety of costumes was everything she lived for. That and her immense love for Instagram, Ankita thrived on boomerangs.

Storytelling through those tiny snippets was her guilty pleasure. Appreciating the way everything was coming along, she leaned toward her Agata for her lighter; Gotta quit she mumbled under her breathe, as she circled the light blue suit.

From the stylist

A striped jumpsuit with a pair of moccasins is a perfect combination for the work look.
Complement the outfit with an Agata Hobo Bag and your favorite set of shades.