What is Beauty? A Portrait Series

The Eské Atelier has forever tried to understand beauty in its varying forms and interpret it in the manner we know best, and perhaps adapt it to the designs that are brought forth. Now that the excitement over Fall / Winter 2017 ebbs, and as we feel the winds of change which precede the arrival of Spring / Summer 2018, we set off on this quest yet again – where does true beauty lie, and how do we translate the joy in a beholder’s eye?

People – you and me – them and them – he and she – him and her – we have found our answer. We looked around at the bright eyes and the keen gazes of brilliant designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, film makers, painters, musicians and performers around us. We noticed their perfections and pretty imperfections, their endearing flaws that made each so human. We realised again how beauty goes beyond man and woman and their bodies, it goes beyond what they wear and it goes bigger into the world high up in the sky and our dreams and our thoughts that are invisible yet so real.

We asked them #WhatIsBeauty and they all had an answer in the intangible, and they all had a generous smile to offer, one that made us feel warm all over, experiencing the sheer goodness in the air. The Eské Atelier has always been inspired by comfort and the contemporary, by luxury and the stiff upper lip that’s intimidating yet approachable – one you would always want to buy a drink for. As the world becomes increasingly connected and ever so conversational – we are inspired by what makes people what they are – and how an affectionate worldview drives sustainable and compassionate fashion.

Through #WhatIsBeauty Portraits, delve into how beauty is perceived by brilliant individuals around us, representative of what inspires Eské designs.