Reza Clutch / Elle’s Evening in Paris


Eské Reza Clutch

The Reza sits pretty on a plush armchair as Elle readies herself for the evening. Paris has been fairly sombre this Winter, and Elle shrugs on a pullover on a burgundy dress, an ode to the setting sun. She dresses up for occasions, yet never straying away from what she truly likes. Never an unnecessary layer, never a color that doesn’t feel right, never a dress that’s saved through the year.

“Much like art,” she says, “you need to put it out there for it to be what it is.”

Elle chooses carefully. Her wardrobe has no frills, no heels but a gentle sense of comfortable fashion. She sees the world as one – bringing together the beauty of bright colors and the melancholy of dusk – making it a happy place to live in. As comfortable gorging on morning croissants by the street side as at a L’Abeille dinner.

He rings the bell as she prepares to step out, grabbing the Reza firmly in her slender fingers, it goes so well with the plans that are laid out. Museums Musee d’Orsay and Rodin. They spend hours strolling through the galleries, deciphering and conversing with centuries old perceptions.

Elle thinks deeply.

She whooshes back to the present with a pink blush when he holds her close, whispering how she reminds him of rose wine, bottled mischief. She whispers back, asking for a dinner that serves all cravings. The walls and high ceilings all but melt as the world ceases to exist for them in the moment.

From the Stylist

Accessorise your white or black bodycon dress with the Reza Clutch.
Pair the outfit with matte nude pumps to get the evening started.
The Reza can also be paired with a pastel or dark-hued traditional outfit.
To complete the look, adorn embellished earrings and let your curls down.