Cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. Also, the only place to watch people from all walks of life dine together.

Hong Kong-Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan – the most economical Michelin star restaurant at Hong Kong


Tim Ho Wan has four different locations, although the one at Sham Shui Po is the only one with the hard-earned Michelin star. The restaurant is a short walk away from the Sham Shui Po MTR station. Imagine a small cozy lane, a long queue with some of the best-dressed people on the island patiently, or not so patiently waiting outside. No, you haven’t reached a department store during sale season. That’s Tim Ho Wan for you.

Hong Kong-Dim sums

Moreish dim sums at Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong


Two words: Dim Sum. No, seven actually: the most delicious and succulent Dim sums. If you’re a fan of these little Chinese delicacies as we are, you do not want to miss out on Tim Ho Wan. The dim sums here, as the name suggests, ‘touch your heart’. But come here wearing your coziest of outfits, because the dining experience doesn’t end there (and also because, you don’t want to sweat yourself to death while anxiously pacing back and forth standing in the queue waiting for the sweet lady to direct you towards your table already). If there’s any place you would get the best char siu bao on the island, it’s here. It’s light, fluffy and so saucy that the after taste is what Elixir of Life would’ve probably tasted like. With its extensive menu and surprisingly low price point, Tim Ho Wan has quickly become a local and tourist favorite. Afterall, watching a petite young woman devouring her char siu bao with childlike enthusiasm while wearing a pair of Louis Vuitton gloves from the newest collection is a sight for sore eyes.

Hong Kong- tonic medlar and petal cake

Toothsome tonic medlar & petal cake at Tim Ho Wan