Hong Kong - Sky scrapers

The urban elegance – Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong - Enthralling view

Spellbinding view from the Dragon’s back, Hong Kong

People say a New York minute is a Hong Kong second. The moment you get off the tarmac at the Hong Kong International Airport, you know what they’re talking about. If Hong Kong was a painting, it would be ‘The Lugubrious Game’ by Salvador Dali. At first glance it’s madness what meets the eyes, but the longer you look at it, you realise there is an almost eerie order to the chaos. One cannot exist without the other. And it would be rather criminal to not call the city a work of art. Spread across over 1092 sq km are some of the worlds most magnificent skyscrapers and beautiful mountain ranges. While the existence of latter is often unknown to most of the visitors on this island, it is probably what sets Hong Kong apart from other metros.

One minute you’re partying on the busy and crazy streets of Lan Kwai Fong and the next you’re hiking through the green trails towards Lantau Peak to witness a spectacular sunrise. The city is like Pandora’s box, but only with pleasant surprises. A walk through the streets of Central is like an exercise in self control. All of your five senses are attacked at the same time. There’s this mouth watering smell from the Dai Pai Dong you’re passing by, calling you to order another plate of dim sums even though you’re only on your second bite of the egg waffle you got from the last stall you came across. The sirens from the traffic lights almost feels like the music to the dance of the people crossing the streets in a hurry.

You’re looking at some of the most fashion forward people, covered head to toe in creations from the world’s best designers. All this while the cool breeze caresses your face, warning you of the wild adventures that await the rest of your day and welcoming you to a city where everything and anything is possible.