An old-school bakery in Hong Kong serving what probably is the best egg tart in the world.


The egg tarts are served hot right out of the oven


Tai Cheong Bakery is present in several locations across Hong Kong, however the most popular one is in Central. But finding this boutique in Central is as easy as finding the Prada store in the middle of the Texas desert. People say it is, Google Map says it is, even your cab driver will tell you it is – it isn’t. Be prepared to run around in circles, all this while passing the bakery every single time. But all good things are worth walking 7678337 miles. Including this one.

tai cheong-bakery-central-street-Hong Kong

The bustling streets of Central, Hong Kong



Imagine a soft bright yellow egg custard, gleefully seated inside a fragrant buttery crust which crumbles just a little with every bite. If the image is leaving you moony-eyed, Tai Cheong Bakery is where you need to be. The egg tarts, always fresh out of the oven, are not the only treat you get when you visit this long-established bakery. It’s the smell too. Every bakery smells nice, but Tai Cheong Bakery has a peculiar heady aroma which would inspire Coco Chanel to make the next Chanel No. 5. And of course, the turquoise gateway of the bakery is the perfect spot for your next best Instagram post.